‘Zeta’. Mother Dragon Sculpture

Zeta. Mother Dragon sculpture,  is now available for purchase!  Give us a call or send us an email for additional information, including purchase price, installation and transportation details.

Title: Zeta.

Description:  Zeta is a hand finished and intricately detailed climbable boulder, adorned with a realistic ‘mother Dragon’ protecting her ‘clutch of eggs’. The Dragon itself is red/black in colour with detailed scale patterns, armor plates, wings, claws and life like glass eyes. Our boulder was loosely based on the Gritstone Cragg at Widdop reservoir. The clutch of eggs are nestled in a small cave underneath the boulder and close inspection reveals that one is in the process of hatching, with a small claw and single eye peering out from the crack.

Keen eyed observers might also notice a series of six ‘Dragonscript’ symbols scattered across the boulder. Once collected these symbols can be decoded via a key/riddle combination and reveal the name of the hatchling. This name can then be used to access a hidden page, (or booklet) on the owners website, which contains detailed information about Zeta, her Genus, habitat, food and offspring.

Size: Height=150cm. Width=140cm. Depth=140cm.

Medium: Resin/Composite.

Style: Fantasy, Fine Art.

Edition: Unique. (Serial 001)

Price: Contact us for details.