Rune Puzzle

Can you decode our puzzle? Use the following riddle and rune key to discover the name of Zeta’s hatchling, enter the name HERE to discover our Secret Hidden Page.

Dragon riddle:

“Begin at the start where the thoughts arise, Follow the pattern of the clock until it’s demise.

Collect all the glyphs, one, two, three, four ,five and six. Note them all down and unriddle our tricks.

Past the tip of the tail, you should collect them all, don’t miss any out, lest you stumble and fall.

Six is the total of glyphs you will need, find the name of her offspring and learn of her breed.

Consult the spider to unravel the code, discover the key to her hidden abode.

We hope to enchant, enthral and Inspire, after all what is a Dragon if not born of fire.”

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Rune Key