Dyno-Raptor Skull

The Velociraptor is a ferocious bird-like carnivore familiar to most from Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic park and more recently characterised in the Jurassic World series as “Blue”. Here we have an accurate representation of the much larger and less well known Deinonychus which lived during the Early Cretaceous, over 100 million years ago.

This hand carved fossil replica Deinonychus skull is anatomically correct and can be used as a climbing hold, a visual feature for themed rooms, or even as a teaching aid. Cast in resin, finished with a high friction surface and hand painted. It is also available as an open mouthed variant. (Full skeleton Coming soon!)

Avalable now from our Etsy shop. Or contact us directly.

Size: Height=180mm. Width=600mm. Depth=50mm.
Medium: Resin/Composite.
Style: Palaeontology, Fine Art, climbable.
Price: £100