It is our aim to bring exciting new attractions to local tourist spots, nature walks, boulder parks and climbing centres. To offer a series of new and innovative products which inspire, delight and enchant children and adults alike.

Specialising in unique, hand crafted, interactive sculptures, climbing boulders and features. We use only the most durable and hard wearing material in the production of our creations. All of our products are meticulously brought to life using both traditional hand painted and air brush techniques.  We also offer a range of smaller collectable sculptures to brighten up your home or garden, and amaze  your friends and family. 

Contact us to arrange a consultation and discuss your project. We offer a friendly and professional service, from initial concepts and designs right through to final installation and hand over. We will work with you every step of the way to bring your Imagination to Life.

Our team consists of Victoria Morris, a professional artist with BA Honours in Scientific and Natural History Illustration and Lee Nicholson a Joiner, Cabinet Maker and Fibre Glass Sculptor with almost 20 years experience in the climbing wall industry.

Victoria Morris

Hi I’m Victoria. I’m an artist, sculptor and all-round creator of things. I have a particular passion for mythology, specifically dragons as you may have noticed. From early childhood I remember being more interested in pencils and paint than watching TV or doing home work. I often entered drawing competitions, mainly wildlife in the hope I’d win and get a chance to meet my lifelong hero, Sir David Attenborough. How amazing is he! Leaving high school I knew I loved being creative so followed the road to art-college.

Many happy days at University soon passed, finally graduating in 2007 with a first class degree in Fine art. From here I began working for one of the UK’s most popular theme parks, Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Head hunted for my skills in fine art and sculpting, I quickly became a valued member of the team creating huge fibreglass sculptures to adorn the theme parks grounds and rides. From 10m monsters hanging out of the ghost train to cute little pigs and fairy horses! I realised that my true passion was sculpting.

A few years passed, circumstances changed and I found myself back in my home town sunny Colne. As fate would have it I soon found a new job and became part of the Entre-Prises climbing wall team (climbing wall/boulder manufacturers). Here I would use my many years experience painting and sculpting to add an extra wow factor to their products. While working with Entre-Prises climbing I met a brilliantly talented creative who I now have teamed up with to establish Incredible-Creations. A master of all things fibre-glass. A superb carpenter, inventor and all round nice guy; Lee Nicholson, my business partner. So, this is the next part of my adventure. If you’re looking for a unique sculpture please get in touch and maybe we can bring your imagination to life? Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me. Hope to see you again soon. Victoria.

Lee Nicholson

Hi, I’m Lee.

Born in a mid sized border town in the North West, United Kingdom in 1975 instilled in me a soft spot for nature and the countryside, many long days were spent hunting Newts and other creatures in the open fields, streams and rolling hillsides. Growing up in the 80’s meant, for me, breakdance, graffiti art, BMX and horror films. The latter bringing a fascination with 1980s style SFX, horror make up and modelling, which continues to this day.

Raised by a father with a strong creative drive, a practical man with a good sense of humour, and an interest in fringe sciences. I was taught that, contrary to popular, belief “you need to believe it before you can see it”. One of his most memorable “inventions” was an early “fly-mo” which involved a dustbin lid and electric motor, it started well but proved more useful as a tunnel boring machine.

Like most kids growing up, I had my fair share of creative projects; war scenes carefully constructed using plants for “mini trees”, sand, toy tanks and plastic army men, an unfinished attempt to recreate Freddy Krueger’s glove from A Nightmare on Elm Street, hand carved “Indian peace pipes” and poor attempts at graffiti to name just a few.

My introduction to the world of tools and construction began at a very young age, mixing concrete for my Dad, discovering the joys of working wood with various machines and tools. I began work cabinet making in my father’s business at age 11, working two hours an evening after school for the princely sum of £1.00 per hour. This continued until I left school, at which point economic pressures forced me to seek work elsewhere. A series of jobs armed me with more valuable skills; Joinery, small batch and production line construction, spraying and finishing and more.

Eventually, I found a job at a climbing wall company and it was here that my skill set was to be enhanced and honed for what would follow. Almost 20 good years involved making large scale structures in house, which could be broken down for installation. Here I learned the art of working with resins and composites, creating complex shapes and hand sculpting fine surface details. Moulding, casting and carving. I also spent many years running the ‘woodshop’ there.

In 2012 the company hired a new artist, Victoria Morris and over time we would become very close friends. Our skill sets were complimentary and we found that we worked extremely well together, building caves, boulders, climbing walls and features.

August 2017 saw big changes for us, as I left Entre-Prises and together we formed a new company – Incredible Creations Ltd. It was and is our hope to use our combined skills to create stunning, interactive sculptures, climbing boulders and smaller collectables inspired by Sci-fi, Fantasy and popular culture. So began our first project and the rest, as they say, is history. Or at least it might be, one day…