Traverse-Rex Skull

Title: Traverse-Rex Skull

Description: This hand carved, Tyrannosaurus-Rex, half skull, relief is almost life sized and fully climbable. Inspired by “Sue” the largest and most complete specimen recovered to date and created with attention to anatomical detail. Rex is not only visually appealing but also offers a unique climbing experience.

The unique natural design of this macro feature generates a multitude of holds, from jugs and pockets to crimps, pinches undercuts, side pulls and more. Finished with a high friction surface and airbrushed to enhance detail. This macro feature will enhance any lead, boulder or traverse wall.

Can be supplied as a complete ‘Traverse-Rex’ skeleton, or part painted and part sculpted full size traverse feature. See our Climb’o-saurus range. 

Avalable now from our Etsy shop.  Or contact us directly.

Size: Height=1100mm. Width=1300mm. Depth=100mm.

Medium: Resin/Composite.

Style: Palaeontology, Fine Art, climbable.

Price: Texture coated, reinforced, fully climbable=£495
Gloss finish, display only version=£395