Pendle Sculpture Trail

The Pendle Sculpture Trail is located at Aitken Wood, near the beautiful village of Barley in Lancashire. It is a lovely woodland walk enhanced by numerous sculptures created by several different artists.

In September 2017 Pendle Council posted an ‘artist call out’ for a phase two at the sculpture trail. As a new company we were excited at the prospect of creating pieces for the public which would also be quite local to us. We put our proposal together, in response to the brief, and hand delivered the document to the Council offices. To our delight the project leaders liked our idea and we were awarded a contract to create a set of five pieces.

Our hope was to bring to life set of five mythical creatures derived from local folk tales, each linked by a set of poems which form a simple riddle, the aim of which is to find the name of the boggart.

Follow the links below to hear the characters brought to life by the wonderful young actors at Stage Door, and for more information on each character, including concept art, background information and mythology.


Black Dog