Dryad at the Pendle Sculpture Trail
Dryad. Voiced by Kiah Turner, Stage Door Youth Theatre.
Dryad Poem with concept artwork

A Dryad, or wood nymph, is a spirit associated with a tree, usually oak, which manifests as a young woman. Found in Greek mythology they are often depicted as shy but alluring nature spirits, youthful and beautiful in appearance but with a sense of age and wisdom. They are though to live incredibly long lives, yet their mortality is tied to the tree they inhabit.

The sculpture also includes several hidden and not so hidden nature references; at the base of the tree there is a set of bracket mushrooms, appropriately known as Dryad’s Saddle. She wears Acorn earrings, has Butterfly and Ladybird companions and almost 200 leaves cast from locally found vines.

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