Climb O saurus range

Introducing our new and innovative climbable features – Beginning with the “Climb O saurus” range:

The following range of iconic dinosaurs can be made to order and provided as complete climbable fossil relief replicas, in mural form, or any combination of both. Off the shelf products are in development and Traverse-Rex skulls are now available.

Each design is separated into easy to install sections, which include a 30mm flange with pre marked fixing points. Each segment is reinforced and coated with a high friction surface and the natural shape of these features provides a multitude of climbing holds. They are hand carved with care and attention to anatomical details, accurately scaled and hand finished to bring those detail to life. All finished products comply with EN-12575-3-2017 regulations.


The Tyrannosaurus-rex an iconic, ferocious predator which stalked it’s prey during the Late Cretaceous over 65 million years ago. Now for the first time it’s finally possible to get hands on, literally. This hand carved, T-Rex, fossil relief is life sized and fully climbable. Inspired by “Sue” the largest and most complete specimen recovered to date and created with attention to anatomical detail. Rex is not only visually appealing but also offers a brand new climbing experience.

The unique natural design of the Traverse-rex generates a multitude of holds; from jugs and pockets to crimps, pinches undercuts and more. This highly detailed, fossil relief, macro feature will enhance any lead, boulder or traverse wall.


The Velociraptor is a ferocious bird-like carnivore familiar to most from Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic park. Here we have an accurate representation of the much larger and less well known Deinonychus which lived during the Early Cretaceous, over 100 million years ago.

The Dyno-raptor can be arranged as a running and jumping pair, as depicted above, offering a range of dynamic moves which vary in size, positivity and difficulty. It also offers a smaller and easy to install upgrade to any home climbing wall or centre.


Pteradactyl is a popular term which often covers various species of extinct flying dinosaur or Pterasaur. Here we have a long tailed Pterosaur variant, the Rhamphorhynchus, which soared in ours skies using it’s strange forward facing teeth to catch fish during the Late Jurassic around 140 million years ago.

Designed to provide a series of crimps of varying difficulty, the Macro-dactyl is a much smaller and more accessible, one of a kind training board, or feature, that can be easily installed on any home wall, Gym or climbing centre.

Summit o saurus

The massive 12m x 18m Summit ‘o saurus is an accurate representation of a Brontosaurus, the mighty long necked Sauropod which roamed the earth during the Late Jurassic period, over 150 million years ago. Made to order and scalable, this epic beast offers a new lead climbing experience for route setters and climbers alike.

Separated into 19 manageable and easy to install sections, this is not only a stunning visual attraction, but also, as of this writing, an unclimbed route. Not for the faint hearted!


The Sloper-saurus is an accurate and life size representation of a Stegosaurus, another iconic dinosaur known to most by it’s distinctive alternating spinal plates and defensive tail spikes, which grazed on the fauna of our planet during the Late Jurassic over 150 million years ago.

The large spinal plates of the Stegosaurus provide us with the perfect opportunity to carve an array of sloping holds, of varying difficulty, which create a unique and challenging traverse for climbers at all levels of experience.


For this final design we chose the Triceratops, which is instantly recognizable due to it’s three horns and unusual neck frill. The name Triceratops literally means “Three Horned Face”. It was most likely preyed upon by T-rex as they both existed during the Late Cretaceous over 65 Million years ago.

The Try-climbatops is hand carved to create a very user friendly climbing experience, with lots of positive holds ideal for younger and less experienced climbers.

Looking for something to challenge, excite and delight your customers ? Climb O saurus is an innovative and affordable solution and provides a quick and easy upgrade to any climbing centre, theme park, school yard, or in fact any climbable surface of sufficient size.

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