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Specialising in unique, hand crafted, interactive sculptures, climbing boulders and features. We use only the most durable and hard wearing material in the production of our creations. All of our products are meticulously brought to life using both traditional hand painted and air brush techniques. We also offer a range of smaller collectable sculptures to brighten up your home or garden, and amaze your friends and family. 

Climb O saurus

Looking for something to challenge, excite and delight your customers? Climb O saurus is an innovative and affordable solution and provides a quick and easy upgrade to any climbing centre, theme park, school yard, or in fact any climbable surface of sufficient size.

Call Victoria on 07875 122753 Or Lee at 07588 413858 to be among the first to offer your customers a completely new climbing experience!

Traverse-Rex Skull

Something Prehistoric is happening at Incredible Creations! Now Available: Traverse-Rex Skull macro feature. The first in our exciting new Climb O saurus range of products.

Title: Traverse-Rex Skull

Description: This hand carved, Tyrannosaurus-Rex, half skull, relief is almost life sized and fully climbable. Inspired by “Sue” the largest and most complete specimen recovered to date and created with attention to anatomical detail. Rex is not only visually appealing but also offers a unique climbing experience.

Avalable now from our Etsy shop. Or contact us directly.

Zeta: Mother Dragon Sculpture

‘Zeta’. Mother Dragon sculpture,  is now available for purchase! Give us a call or send us an email for additional information, including purchase price, installation and transportation details.

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